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Thank you
for purchasing your LAICA sparkling water maker

CO2 Refills collected from and delivered directly to your door

 Choose to buy your gas or sign up for our flexible refill programme and receive a one-time 10% discount*


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* Discount applied when you recycle your first empty cylinder

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To provide you with the LAICA CO2 refill cylinders to fit your appliance we have teamed up with CO2YOU.
In addition, we offer a sustainable and convenient doorstop subscription, delivery, collection and recycling service - no deposit, cancel any time!
You can also purchase your CO2 as a one off.

Free Shipping with The Gas Refill Program
Follow our easy 3-step process


Step 1 – Door to Door Service

  • Create your CO2YOU account online
  • Place your order 
  • Receive your cylinders in 1-2 days

Step 2 – Enjoy Unlimited Bubbles

  • Enjoy your zero-plastic solution
  • Automatic notifications when refill date is close 

Step 3 – You Return

  • CO2YOU collect the empty cylinders
  • Empty cylinders are refilled and ready to enjoy again  

CO2 refill scheme is available in the UK, Italy, Germany, France and Spain

Register to proceed to the CO2 order page

*Discount will be visible on CO2YOU website, once user has selected to return/recycle their first LAICA cylinder. 



How do I make sure the cylinder is the right one for my LAICA sparkling water maker?

Simply follow this link to the LAICA CO2 page.

How can I make my sparkling water taste better?

For an enhanced sparkling water experience, consider using water filters for
your home tap. These filters are designed to eliminate undesirable substances and odors
from your tap water. We offer a diverse selection of Italian-made filters that will enable
you to enjoy the refreshing taste of 'restaurant quality' Italian sparkling water right in the
comfort of your own home. To learn more about our products, please visit

Do you take a deposit for the subscription service?

No, we do not take a deposit.

What countries is the gas rental/purchase available in?

 The door to door delivery and collection service is available across UK, Italy, Germany France & Spain.  Currently our CO2 partner cannot provide a service if you live elsewhere 

What do I do with my empty cylinder?

For the first cylinder, you can opt to return and recycle once transferred to our partners (CO2YOU) website. During the checkout process, a box will pop up asking if you would like to return your cylinder. Select yes, and you will be eligible for a 10% discount on your first order, if you select to join the gas refill programme 

Are these cylinder compatible with other machines?

Yes, they are compatible with all sparkling water makers that use a screw in cylinder. They are not compatible with Sodastream Terra, E-Terra, Ark and Duo. Not compatible for under the sink / tap solutions. 

How long will a cylinder last?

This depends on household usage, but on average, each cylinder will make up to 60L of sparkling water. This is usually between 1 – 2 months of usage.

Do I sign up for a fixed term or is it flexible?

No, you can cancel the plan at any time. If you cancel you must allow us to collect our cylinders from you within 5 working days to avoid a penalty fee.

What’s the average monthly cost of the gas?

This depends on which subscription option you opt for. For example, the best value (4 cylinders / 1 a month) subscription works out at £9.99 per month. 

Who do I contact for any questions or issues with my sparkling water maker?

For anything relating to the sparkling water maker (appliance) or new subscriptions, contact: 
For existing subscribers, please contact our fulfilment partner at: or phone Monday to Friday from 9am-5.30pm on 020 3026 5698

Who do I contact for any questions or issues with CO2?

Please contact our fulfilment partner at: or phone Monday to Friday from 9am-5.30pm on 020 3026 5698